Finally. And yet, with the snow gone, and the leaves and flowers yet to materialize, it’s mud season.

In the time honored tradition of self-indulgent self-publishing, I’m going to try to put my finger on something that irks me.

To make it less irksome to read, I will aim to characterize the irksome thing by describing an ideal to which it is contrary.

Essentially it’s about how to be someone people want to work with. Play with. Be around.

  1. Welcome others’ intelligence. Tolerate their blind spots.
  2. Give credit where credit is due, and publicly.
  3. Offer criticism directly, privately, and leave time for response.
  4. Suggest, propose, don’t stipulate and grandstand.
  5. Offer to help, don’t demand freedom from constraints.

Imagine a person who does the reverse, and you’ve got a clear picture of someone who won’t get invited out to play a second time. Or whom others will take pleasure in defeating, deflating, or excluding.

Not taken from watching the kindergartners in my life, but might as well be.