I’ve just requested a mail-in ballot for this fall’s primary and general elections, and it was easy. I wanted to share what I learned, in case any of you would like to do the same. All links are at bottom for clarity.

How to get a ballot

The ballot request form is available here. Just download it, fill it out, and mail, fax or even email it to your local election office, which you can look up online here. I chose email – super easy. Then you can track your ballot online, here.

Deadline to request a ballot

Requests must be received by August 26 for the primary, October 28 for the general, but why wait? The USPS is under attack, and may not be able to meet those deadlines.

How to Vote

If you’ve already decided whom to vote for, you can send your ballot by mail any time. To be counted for the MA primary, your ballot must be received (not postmarked) at your local election office by Sept 1. For the general election on November 3, it must be postmarked by election day, Nov. 3.

It’s good to have options

If you decide you want to vote in person on election day instead, you can do that, even if you get your ballot by mail ahead of time (although not if you vote by mail ahead of time, of course). But it’s good to have options. Maybe a post office or mailbox will be quicker, or feel safer, than the poll on Nov. 3.

Pass it along

Please feel free to forward this to anyone else in Massachusetts, whom you think might be interested.

There are no atheists in foxholes or among democrats in 2020. I donate money monthly to Joe/Kamala and to the DNC, and you should too.

And if you would like to update this for your state, let me know, and send it along I would be glad to post the information for your state on this blog.

Let’s go win this thing!